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Take your mind off everyday problems and play the latest evolution of the classic puzzle games! Our games will help you to relax and at the same time will warm-up your brain.

Solitaire F12 Mobile Games

Solitaire Kingdom - 18 Solitaire Games

Solitaire remains the most popular computer game of all time, and for good reason. Simple rules and straightforward gameplay make it easy to pick up for anyone. Just focus on clearing out the cards from the table.

Klondike Spider FreeCell Pyramid Scorpion and many more...

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Sudoku is one of the most popular puzzle games of all time. The goal of Sudoku is to fill a 9×9 grid with numbers so that each row, column and 3×3 section contain all of the digits between 1 and 9. As a logic puzzle, Sudoku is also an excellent brain game. If you play Sudoku daily, you will soon start to see improvements in your concentration and overall brain power. Play a game now!

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Sudoku F12 Mobile Games
Balls & Bricks F12 Mobile Games

Balls & Bricks

Eliminate the blocks that hit the ball, do not let them get in line, each advance of the blocks is added 1 for ammunition of shots.

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Drop The Ball

Shoot elevating objects with bouncing balls till their numbers drop to 0, don't let them hit the top.

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Drop The Ball - F12 Mobile Games
Space Fusion - F12 Mobile Games

Space Fusion

Merge planets with similar numbers, don't let them reach the top.

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Just run and collect money for your startup! Watch out for obstacles!

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Startup - F12 Mobile Games
Lines 98 F12 Mobile Games


Do you want to play something that causes nostalgia? Would you like to plunge into the world of the good old games with a simple but exciting plot? Then “Lines 98” is a good choice for you, because in this application you will find a classic game in a modern frame!

It is one of the most interesting and simple games in which you will need to build lines of balls.

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Connect two or more of the same colored bubbles. You can connect bubbles vertically or horizontally and the more bubbles connected, the more points earned.

Bubbles are made to be an easy, lovely and pleasant way to warm-up your brain.

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Bubbles F12 Mobile Games
Super Sweet Matcher F12 Mobile Games

Sweet Matcher

Super Sweet Matcher is a game for Match 3 lovers, with fantastic graphics and nice music, you will never get enough of this game!

In game you need to swap 2 items to get 3 in a row.

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Place three or more hexa blocks with the same number and color next to each other to merge them and get score. You can also rotate blocks before placing them on the grid!

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Hex F12 Mobile Games
Cat-o-Ball Classic Sokoban F12 Mobile Games

Cat-o-Ball Classic Sokoban

Let the cat roll the ball! 😻 Move it to the basket.

The game is played on a board of squares, where each square is a floor or a wall. Some floor squares contain balls, and some floor squares are marked as baskets.

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Traffic Jam

The goal of the game is to get the spotted jam block out of the board by sliding the other blocks out of its way.

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Traffic Jam F12 Mobile Games


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